since 2006 our company supplies modern and high quality medical devices for cardiovascular surgery and angiographic procedures to Russian clinics.
Russian Federation,
Russian Federation
117638 Moscow
Odesskaya str. 2

Tel.: +7 (499) 213-02-52
For more than 10 years Mission of our company is to improve quality of life for people who received surgery on cardiovascular system. For this purpose we provide surgeons and operating teams with high quality innovative medical devices which every day help specialists of different clinics in their struggle for patients' life all over the country. Use of hi-tech devices not only makes difficult procedures easier to carry out, but also considerably reduces risk of complications in postoperative period.

Оur team consists of professionals who share the values of our company, they are always ready to provide you with informational and service support even under pressing or urgent circumstances.

ESCAMED is open for new opportunities and collaboration with medical device manufacturers.
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